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Wan Nurul Syifa’
Wan Ahmad Rahiman

Wan Nurul Syifa’ Wan Ahmad Rahiman


Master of Laws (LLM) (UITM)
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (IIUM)
Bachelor of Laws (LLBS) (IIUM)


Embarking on an academic and professional voyage, Nurul Syifa’ stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of conventional and Shariah legal systems.

Her educational odyssey commenced at the esteemed International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), where she pursued a double degree, obtaining a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) alongside a Bachelor of Law (Shariah)(LLBS).

This dualistic foundation not only instilled in her a comprehensive understanding of both legal paradigms but also set the stage for a multifaceted legal career.

The academic pursuit continued as she delved deeper into the intricate world of law, earning a Master of Laws (LLM) from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

June 2016 marked a pivotal milestone as she was called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of Malaya, cementing her entry into the legal profession. Simultaneously, she was admitted as a Syarie Lawyer in May 2016, showcasing her proficiency in navigating the nuances of both conventional and Shariah legal frameworks.

Her professional career began at Messrs. Anas Sazira & Partners, where she honed her legal acumen and provided counsel across diverse legal domains including General Litigation in Civil and Shariah courts, Conveyancing, Probate & Law of Succession, Muslim Family Law matters and other Islamic wealth management instruments. With such commendable experience and exposure, she joined Messrs. Farhan, Shaira & Associates as a partner specialising in Shariah matters.

Transitioning to a new chapter, she currently practises at Messrs. Apnizan Abdullah & Co as a partner commencing from 1 November 2023, a move that reflects her commitment to embracing new challenges and expanding her professional horizons. Aligned with the vision, mission and practice direction of the firm, she envisions to specialise further in Islamic banking and finance practice, Shariah-compliant commercial and corporate exercises and Islamic wealth management matters. This shift has not only broadened the scope of her legal practice but also allowed her to contribute to a different legal milieu.

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